Domingos Newsletter January 2024

New Year, New Domingos Newsletter!

January 2024


Winners of the 2023 Domingos Holdings Awards!

Just before Christmas and New Years, we had our Domingos Holdings Holiday Party! We hope all attendees had a great time – we sure did! At the holiday party, we had the opportunity to spotlight a few employees from all of our brands and thank them for all the hard work they do. Read on to see who won!

Rookie of The Year.

If a new employee has achieved a lot in a short amount of time, consider nominating them for the Rookie of the Year Award! Celebrating such skilled employees, regardless of the time they’ve spent at your company, shows you value them.


Sarah Medeiros, re:fab | Victor Santagati, Fat Cousins | Jenna Matheson, DogTowne


Sarah Medeiros, re:fab. Presented by Julia Moura, DogTowne


The MVP Award.

The most successful individuals are those who constantly pursue growth. Celebrate non-rookie employees who have shown significant growth and improvement in their performance over time. This award spotlights employees who, regardless of where they started, have made remarkable strides in their performance, skills, or contributions to the organization.


Jenna Matheson, DogTowne | Sarah Baillargeon, Domingos Holdings | Ashley Ferreira, re:fab


Ashley Ferreira, re:fab.

The Helping Hand Award.

Teamwork makes the dream work, so let’s shine a spotlight on positive team players! Almost every good idea or project is the result of a collaborative effort. Nominees of The Helping Hand award should be employees that work well with others, always look to help team members in need, bring the team together at work/outside events and always have a positive attitude


Eulalia Ferreira, Fat Cousins | Peter Reney, Domingos Holdings | Joel Feldman, re:fab


Eulalia Ferreira, Fat Cousins. Presented by Sandie Parker, Fat Cousins


The Rising Star Award.

The most successful individuals are those who constantly pursue growth. Celebrate non-rookie employees who have shown significant growth and improvement in their performance over time. This award spotlights employees who, regardless of where they started, have made remarkable strides in their performance, skills, or contributions to the organization.


Peter Reney, Domingos Holdings | Wayne Almeida, re:fab | Andrew Moura, re:fab


Peter Reney, Domingos Holdings. Presented by Sandie Parker, Fat Cousins


5-Star Service Award.

Providing excellent customer service can be challenging. Those who work with customers directly are the first people to handle complaints and often engage in difficult conversations when emotions are running high. Exceptional customer-facing employees not only uphold our brand reputation, but also act as product/service experts, making them ideal candidates for the 5-Star Service Award.


Molly O’Brien, Fat Cousins | Rafael Santos, re:fab | Manny Guerra, Manny G Painting (subcontractor for re:fab)


Rafael Santos, re:fab. Presented by Matt Moura, re:fab.


Driving Success Award.

The Driving Success Award recognizes employees who’ve achieved something remarkable in your organization – from being the driving force behind accomplishing a HUGE team rock, launching a new initiative/process or consistently hitting their sales targets.


Sarah Baillargeon, Domingos Holdings | Debbie Weinstein, re:fab | Ian Power, re:fab


Sarah Baillargeon, Domingos Holdings.


The Innovator Award

It’s important to make a big deal out of your employees’ ideas, as it only takes one to set your business apart from the competition. Nominees of the Innovator Award should be employees who have come up with an idea (or several ideas) that have helped propel your business to new heights this year.


Dakota Roy and Lorraine Carboni, re:fab


Why Not A Scholarship?

Nominees are employees that:

  • are looking to continue their education, whether it is college, a trade school, training course, CSL license, etc.
  • are part of/support a local social enrichment, education or health initiative, and will donate these allocated funds to that organization

This employee also goes above and beyond to help others and is a role model for their peers. A bonus: if they help give back to their community through volunteering, fundraising bringing awareness to causes close to their hearts.


Eoin Gallagher, Fat Cousins. Eric Lebreault, re:fab. Jenna Matheson, DogTowne. Presented by Brooke Moura, Why Not A Pear.


Partner of the Year Award

Partner of the Year nominees are trusted vendors that support your business ventures/initiatives, have great customer-service, collaborate with you on projects/ideas and continue to find ways to work together for mutual benefit. As a result of your committed partnership, each of your businesses has had great success this year.


Performance Foods | Rachel Vieira Cleaning| Ferguson | Manny G Painting


Rachel Vieira Cleaning. Accepted by Rachel Vieira. Presented by Jason Pinto, re:fab reutilized living/ Domingos.


The Manny Award

If an employee has gone out of their way to help others and is always willing to give 110% at work, you can celebrate their can-do attitude with an above-and-beyond award, The Manny Award. Going the extra mile, while maintaining other commitments, isn’t easy and the employees who manage this should be celebrated.


Danny Ferreira, re:fab. | Sergio Tinoco, re:fab. | Matt Ferreira, re:fab.


Sergio Tinoco, re:fab. Presented by Jason Pinto, re:fab Living/ Domingos Holdings.


The Domingos Award

Nominees of The Domingos Award are employees that serve not one, but many of the businesses within Domingos Holdings. They are individuals who may work outside of typical business hours and will be road warriors, to make sure our businesses are running smoothly.


Philip Lavra, and Cale Rymszewicz, re:fab. Presented by Jason Pinto, re:fab Living/ Domingos Holdings.

Congrats to all our winners and nominees! And, we’d like to extend an extra thank you to all employees for all your hard work!


A special thanks to the retirees of 2023!

Maggie Arruda, Domingos

Maggie started working with us 22 years ago! Maggie is our rock and is always will to be a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on! Thank you, Maggie, for all that you do. We hope you enjoy more time with the grandkids and enjoy retirement!


Joel Feldman, re:fab

Even though he retired over the summer, Joel still occasionally works for re:fab behind the scenes helping out our sales team. Anyone who knows Joel, knows he is one of the kindest people out there! Joel has been with re:fab for 18 years and has been selling paint for even longer! Thank you, Joel, for all your hard work.


Luis DaCosta, re:fab

Luis has been working for re:fab as one of our paint foremen for 18 years! Luis always does his best work and is always willing to help where and when he can. He can cheer any one up with one of his many jokes! Thank you, Luis, for all your hard work and we hope you have a blast in retirement!


re:paint, re:model, re:fresh, re:locate.

The re:fab office has moved! To the far, far away building of 1177 Ashley Blvd in New Bedford, MA, aka next door to the old office. Thank you to Philip, Cale, Rafael, Angel, Jason, Manny, Jesus and the whole team for getting the new office ready and helping us move on over!



Winter Hours have started!

Please be aware that winter hours have started at both Fat Cousins locations. We are using this time off during our slower season to test new dishes and learn how to better serve our customers! Please see below for new hours.



  • Mondays: Closed
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 8:30 pm



  • Monday – Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday – Thursday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm -8:30 pm


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We hear wedding bells!!

Julia and Dakota are getting married in two weeks! Wishing you a very special day. Congratulations!

Just a heads up that DogTowne will be closed for daycare and boarding from 2/9 – 2/11!


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